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C.O.M.P.1. (Coalishun On A Mission Part 1)
Available 7/4/18 - Pre-order on 6/21/18

C.O.M.P.1. (Coalishun On A Mission Part 1)

Pre-order on iTunes, or Here for MP3 Album.
Receive the single "808 or Dembow [Pt. 2]" when you pre-order!
6/21/2018 (pre-order date) - 7/4/2018 (Album Release Date)


It started with 2 brothers and their friends, with a love of creating music
and expressing their thoughts through rap in the late 90's.
In 2002, through a collaboration with other groups...
they started calling the new union, "the Coalishun".

In 2004, one of the brothers, CAUZE, decided to take it a step further,
and the idea of Coalishun Records, a music production company, was born.
It was a union of music producers, sound engineers, singers, rappers,
and business graduates, who built their own home studio, their roster of artists,
their street team, fans, as well as clientele for the studio.

Nowadays, we are a full Multi-Media Production Company offering services
such as Audio Production, Recording, Editing, Mixing, Mastering, Songwriting,
Graphic Design, Photo Retouching, Video Editing & more.
We pride ourselves in the quality of our work and the satisfaction of our clients.

We are currently located in Yonkers, NY, near the Bronx & Mt. Vernon borders

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